Welcome to the Inverclyde Comets & Strathclyde Stallions Old Gits Page - where we reminisce sadly over our glorious victories - or more likely stupendous gubbings.

Just a bit of fun - feel free to contribute stories, photos, anything at all. Cheers - one of the fat boys!!

 Inverclyde Comets - we were crap but we did have a good laugh - and then when we went more "professional" he laughs, with the Strathclyde Stallions.

Inverclyde Comets started originally as a junior team with their coach Jim Webster, they played in the Scottish Junior American Football Association. Some of the Junior players are mentioned below:

Alex Macphie
Evan Conway 'junior' kincaid
Scott Soulier
Brian Burns
Dougie Maclean
Paul Cannon
Tommy Wilson
Alan Dunsmore
Stewart Melville
Scott Clark &
Ivie Hair
jason sweeney (played about two games - last one he got ejected for
kicking in a guy that tried to return a k.o. and then proceeded to rob their dressing room, threatening their team at half time and let their bus's tyres
down) better not to mention him
John Mclaughlin

The Comets then joined the Caledonian American Football League along with other teams such as the Ness Monsters, Strathmore Scorpions, Glasgow Redhawks, Capital Clansmen, the Forth Valley Generals and my personal 'faves' (not) the Strathclyde Sherriffs! This league folded about mid way through - or at least we did! We will always remember our journey to Inverness - some overembibing of the old falling down water on the way did not help our cause. We looked fairly ridiculous with a variety of T-shirts over our pads and got humped something terrible. Best of all the bus broke down on the way back and we didn't get home till about 5 in the morning. Ah memories!!

Senior team players -

Vincent Gillen, Dougie McLean, Graham Gavin, Terry Sullivan, Peter Wilson, Alan Wilson, Davie Philips, Bobby Philips, Big Ron, ? McVitie, Scott Clark

I would like to dedicate these pages to the memory of Alan Nicol and to Charlie Howie - both victims of senseless vandalism and drunk driving. Also to the memory of Peter Wilson aka "Big Pete" who also has sadly passed away. To a fellow lineman - "on two" big guy!!

Here's to your memory lads!!